Taste the quality difference

All of our custom meat is locally raised & hand selected.

Treat your taste buds to deliciously prepared meat

When you buy in bulk at Lengerich, you get the highest quality of locally grown pork and beef, at the lowest price. While our individual prices are already lower than the grocery store, buying in bulk allows you to stock your freezer at an even lower price.

At Lengerich you can count on fresh meat, custom cuts, and personalized packaging
on every visit. All curing, smoking, and preparing is done in-house, giving you the best selection and freshest options, no matter where you look.

  • less expensive
  • cut to your specifications
  • we have many smoking and cure options,we will make your order to your specifications in every way we can
  • our fresh-frozen process means your meat will keep in your freezer for up to a year
  • locally raised beef and pork.

Love meat? You’ll love what we have to offer.