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Don’t buy prepackaged deli meats! Instead, get the freshest meats in town and see what quality is supposed to taste like.

Meat and Cheese party tray
Deli Sandwich

Deli cheese, summer sausages with a variety of seasonings

You want high quality, local meat on your dinner plate, and you should have the same on your sandwich.

The Deli counter at Lengerich Meats provides handmade deli products by using select meats. All products are sliced and packaged per each customer's needs. Come in and try out our deli meats! By making almost all of it in-house we are able to keep the quality high but still at affordable prices.

Our Deli case also has summer sausages with a variety of seasonings and a wide variety of cheese. Lengerich Meats can provide high quality products for anything from your daily sandwich to your custom party trays.

deli meat

A wide variety of cheeses including:

We offer catering service for a number of event types.
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